Tube Fittings, Manufacturer Of Tube Fittings, Condensate Pot, Air Header, High Pressure Pipe Fitting, Mumbai, India

Manufacturer Of Tube Fittings

Manufacturer Of Tube Fittings
Catering to the rising need of precision engineered and durable industrial fitting products, we took up the challenge towards designing, developing and fabricating cost effective and innovative products as per the exacting requirements of our clients.

With time and added experience, we developed our expertise in manufacturing and exporting a premium range of products like international standard 2-3-5 way Manifold Valve, Ball valve, Needle valve, Condensate pot, Air header, Tube fitting, High Pressure Pipe Fitting, Monoflanges, Slimline Sampling valves,
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Single And Double Compression Tube Fittings

"VIRGIN" makes single and double compresion tubes fittings which are designed / manufactured for process and Instrumentation tubing which provides a leak proof torque free seal at all the tubing connections, thus eliminating hazardous and costly leaks.
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  Address 144, S.V.P.Road, Appa Building, Near Gol Deval Temple, Mumbai- 400003, Maharashtra, India.
  Mobile No.  +91-9320106661
  Tel No.  (+91-22) 66595930 / 31
  Fax No.  (+91-22) 22424491
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Product List
Single & Double Compression Tube Fittings Instrument Tube Fittings
High Pressure Pipe Fittings Precision Pipe Fittings
Manifold Valves Manifold Valves
Needle & Gauge Valves Needle & Gauge Valves
Check Valves Check Valves
Ball Valves Ball Valves
Forged Steel Valves Forged Steel Valves
Mono Flanges Mono Flanges
(Single & Double Block & Bleed Valves)
Slimline Sampling Valves Slimline Sampling Valves
Condensate Pot Condensate Pot
Air Header Air Header
Quick Release Couplings Quick Release Couplings
Snubber Snubber
Tube / Pipe Clamp Tube / Pipe Clamp
Syphon Syphon
Thermowell Thermowell
Copper Tubes Copper Tubes
Tube & Pipes Tube & Pipes
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